Treatment and Protection

Pavigesa's liquid compound for the protection of pavements for exteriors.

Made from acrylic resins, with excellent properties of hardness and resistance to ultraviolet rays and humidity. Extraordinary adherence, which acts by penetrating and compacting the particles by improving their adhesion, which generates a great resistance to abrasion, improving the final durability of the pavement.

With the Paviprotect treatment, the pieces increase their water-repellent capacity, thus contributing to a better maintenance of the paved surfaces.


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Colour Fixing

Treatment based on colourless resins that fix the colour without adding shine or "wet effect".
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Cleaner Plus

Cleaner Plusis recommended for use on pavements treated with Paviprotect treatment for cleaning and maintenance.

It contains a purely natural solvent and is completely free of aromatic compounds or substances that could damage the protective film created by our Paviprotect treatment.

With this product we ensure that our anti-stain+water-repellent treatment is not affected and we make sure that our flooring remains protected.

Suitable for cleaning surfaces contaminated with chewing gum, oil and grease.

The natural character of the cleaner makes the product ecologically responsible.

For the cleaning of Paviprotect-treated pavements

The best cleaner on the market for precast concrete floors
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Surface treatments


T1: Water-repellent treatment

Our treatment baseWater-repellent protection: with water-repellent protection we increase the impermeability of our pavers and tiles, making them practically impermeable to water and thus preventing the encrustation of normal dirt from the environment.

Treatment included in all our manufacturing.


T2: Paviprotect Anti-Stain Treatment

Our treatment premiumWith stain protection, we create a transparent, dull film on our paving, thus preventing the most aggressive stains (coffee, oils, food, etc.) from penetrating the surface layer of the paving, protecting it and making it easier to clean.

Treatment on request, can be applied in the factory or on site after installation of the product.

Protects, fixes the colour, increases durability, the best finish for your floors.