Decontaminating pavement.

Pavements that clean the air in our cities

Energy sources are an indispensable key to global economic development. Today, despite the progressive development of renewable energy sources, the use of fossil fuels is still unavoidable. For this reason, it is essential to design and develop new technologies that minimise and clean up the environmental impact of gaseous emissions harmful to human beings, mainly generated by the combustion of automobiles and industries.

For these reasons, as a result of our desire to leave a better world for new generations and bound by our responsibility to offer elements that improve our environments not only from an aesthetic point of view, Pavigesa presents an innovative solution in photocatalytic flooring, called Econature®. Econature® paving is the result of the development of our R&D&I, which has led to a new range of paving capable of decontaminating the air wherever it is laid.