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Welcome to Pavigesa!

Pavigesa leading company in the manufacture of Terrazzo and Prefabricated Concrete has two well differentiated plants for the manufacture of our highest quality products.

Our manufacturing plants are located in Puente Genil, a Cordovan town of industrial origin. With more than 150,000 square meters of extension make us a reference nationwide in the manufacture of concrete products.


In Pavigesa our main desire is the QUALITY AND SERVICE which we have been maintaining for more than 30 years, for Pavigesa are clients all the people that have a need and make us participate in it.


Although times have been advancing and

our company expands more and more,

we have never stopped believing in the people and in the individual treatment of each client which characterizes us.


Each person has and with this new catalog we want to approach even more if it fits the needs of our customers adapting each product for a specific use.