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Econature Technology

decontaminant pavements

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Energy sources are an essential key to global economic development. Today, despite the progressive development of renewable and non-polluting energy sources, the consumption of fossil fuels remains indispensable. For this reason, it is essential to design and develop new technologies that minimize and clean the environmental impact of gaseous emissions harmful to humans, which are generated by the combustion of automobiles and industries.

How do we clean the air of our cities?

The emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere produces a diversity of problems in the health of the population, as well as negative environmental effects on the planet.

In addition to its toxicity, NOx react with unburned hydrocarbons to form ozone, the main cause of photochemical smog and forest damage (acid rain). They are gases that contribute to climate change and global warming of the planet, being more harmful than CO2 itself.

For these reasons, the result of the desire to leave a better world to new generations and obliged by our responsibility to offer elements that improve our environments and not only from the aesthetic prism, Pavigesa presents an innovative solution in photocatalytic paving called Econature.

The Econature floors are the result of the combination of the development of the I + D + I of both companies, combining the experience, technological development and innovative leadership of Pavigesa.

Econature pavements are able to reduce: By direct action, noxious gaseous substances (nitrogen oxides NOx, volatile organic compounds [VOCs], such as benzene and toluene, produced by human activity [industry, automobiles, heating, domestic, etc. .]).

By indirect action, the formation of ozone (O3), through the destruction of ozone precursor pollutants, which are basically nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile compounds (VOC).